Money is a very pretty thing.  And, if you have just $2 and know 2 people with $2 - we will show you how to not only have "pretty" money - we will show you how to rock, right now.  To the tune of over several thousand dollars - FAST.  Yes, money can be pretty and even sexy, when you have an abundance of it.


Powerful Bitcoin system with automated payouts, follow sponsor, etc...
Innovative ideas
Creative and intelligent solutions

Very low Bitcoin entry so that everyone around the world can participate.

Referral ready
High numbers of referrals 

Captivating, entertaining replicated website does all telling, and selling so, you don't have to. Our innovative PIF system allows you to Pay It Forward..

Totally responsive
49% upgrades, see LIVE below

One of the highest percentage of conversions to paid participants in the industry.  Everyone easily gets two or more referrals.

Sharp solutions
Elaborated code and sustainable

Our crowd funding platform algorithm allows maximum funding solutions for all.  Nothing hard to grasp here.

Give $2 and Get 2 Others to do the same...


We use a 2x5 forced structure.  No one can have more than 2 others on their first level.  This means spillover is abound.  Spillover helps to expand the overall size of your group.  You then make more money through exponential duplication. Plus, we offer an innovative hassle free Pay It Forward System.

Everyone knows a 2x structure is the fastest spillover vehicle known to man (although spillover happens very fast, you are required to get 2 others with $2 to receive instant payments). Our PIF system allows you to do this without fail.


Whether you're 18 or 86, there is no better crowd funding platform that delivers what we do as FAST as we do. At a $2 price point entry, we leave nothing to fear. Everyone has $2. Everyone. Everyone knows 2 others they wish to help. Everyone. So, if you are ready to die, Die. If you choose to LIVE, it only takes 2 to make this thing go right...


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Give $2 - Get 2 Others - Get Paid
  • One

    Step 1

    Register for FREE.

  • Two

    Step 2

    Donate $2 - immediately and as fast as you can.

  • Three

    Step 3

    Get 2 others (you can bring on as many as you like and this will help everyone's group expand to receiving more and more as exponential duplication, PIF innovation, spillover, and spill under takes place).


Max ReferralDonateReceiveUpgrade toPROFIT

BitcoinBitcoinNext Level
Level 120.00060.00120.00090.0003
Level 240.00090.00360.0030.0006
Level 380.0030.0240.0120.012
Level 4160.012                 0.1920.0960.096
Level 5320.0963.0721.0002.072
Level 6                   641.00064------64


See process and chart above.

Well as they say, "it takes two".  And, if you have $2 and know 2 others with $2 - Yeah, it's going to be very good for you.

*No Refunds.  We are just an amazing platform for people around the world to participate in peer to peer crowd funding asperations.

Through your Bitcoin Wallet.  You can use any Bitcoin Wallet you choose for receiving your donations.  They are paid out instantly, as soon as, blockchaing has done their 3 confirmations.

You enter your "receiving" wallet address during the $2 donation process.

What you receive depends on your ability and ability of those you refer to introduce 2 or more others with $2 who want to help fund yours and others cause.

Spillover most definitely occurs however, one should never rely on spill alone (others to do all of the work for you, while you sit, and do nothing).  If you seriously don't know 2 others you want to help who have $2 to help you then, please move on.  We love you but, please move one.

No Stacking allowed (taking out more than one position and placing it under the other). It can also corrupt cookies when one uses the same PC to sign up others (a spouse, child 18 or older is allowed).

You are responsible for corrupt cookies from using the same PC (corrupt cookies could possibly misplace referrals). No changes can be made.